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Kosher Events By Sydney Bar Staff

Sydney Bar Staff K offers a full service of staffing available for Kosher events, bartenders and waiters for all your party needs! We understand that a professional bar service is the prerequisite to create a successful party event. The Events team is formed of highly skilled, well trained and groomed professionals who understand the great service and happy customer requirements. Perfect for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah parties at home or a venue of your choice all over UK.

Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Events

Getting a Kosher drink in Sydney is not as difficult as it was once, many liquor brands — such as vodka, gin and whiskey — are either certified kosher or accepted as such by many observant Jews. Cocktails, however, generally require certification by a rabbi whose job is to make sure the products and facilities used to make food and drink are kosher.

We've worked many Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties in Sydney over the years, we are one of the lucky ones to have on our bartenders from different backgrounds and nationalities able to fit the specific requirements of a Kosher event.

Cocktail Bartenders

3 hours, shakers included
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Dry Hire Party Packages

2.5 hours, 50 glasses and ice
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BYOB Party Packages

4 hours, glasses and mixers
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How Do I Hire A Bartender?

Our Bookings procedure is fast, simplified and efficient; 2 minutes is all you need to secure a Kosher bartender for your special event!
A deposit will be charged at booking stage, the balance due will be charged in full ONLY on the day of the event. Please note, unfortunately we are not in position to secure a bartender for your party unless you pay the deposit. Not quite satisfied with the bar packages forwarded? Remember, some of our Party Packages are fully customisable therefore giving you the option to add or drop some services to meet your exact requirements and budget.